Validate identity of companies or people

Verify the identity of your clients in more than 40 data points of official records, public and private with our background check.

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What is the Background Check?

Automatically check detailed information about your user. With our verification of background, your company can validate data such as registration status, lawsuits, studies professionals, social media, adverse media on major news websites and many public and private sources.

What is it for?

Makes the verification process up to 10 times faster than manual processes. Doing a background check is an opportunity to verify the identity of people or companies and in general terms, review information that may jeopardizing the reputation or safety of the person making the inquiry.

What includes?

Identity Validation

Check identity before public organizations, international and relevant news

Calculate and Validate CURP
Calculate and Validate RFC
Professional Certificate
Unique Registry of Secured Transactions
SAT Bulletins
Red Tab
Top 5 news on Google
Top 5 results in Google

IFE / INE validation

Data extraction and validation from your INE / IFE

OCR IFE / INE front
OCR IFE / INE reverse
IFE / INE validation

Judicial Background

Verify judicial record of the users you want to consult.

National Search
Search by State

Digital Identity

Get public information from networks social, news and / or databases

Search by phone
Search by email

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