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Data Enrichment

Allows you to search for public information about people on the Internet, social networks, databases public data, directories and proprietary databases, in order to obtain detailed, professional, social, demographic or contact information, reducing the risk of fraud and increasing customer awareness.


The objective of this service is to consult the list of red tokens issued by the INTERPOL with the names of the fugitives wanted by the police forces of different countries




OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control) is a department of the US Treasury. In charge of applying economic and trade sanctions to countries and groups of people involved in terrorism, drug trafficking and other activities punishable. The service allows: reducing the risk of fraud and identity theft, complying with with regular provisions on PLD / TF and identify individuals at risk.


Biometric comparison service that allows obtaining the level of correspondence biometric between the face found in the INE / IFE image vs another face provided in an image, to validate your identity.




This service will allow you to find information about a place either through coordinates geographic or by an address.

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